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Corsac Technologies does custom software development for web and mobile. We started as a small group of software development enthusiasts who wanted to create something big and work on the most exciting projects. Year by year our team was growing together with our experience. Now we are a big team of over 100 full time developers and know what it means to build something from scratch in business.

We believe that continuous education is one of the main factors that helps us to maintain the competitive edge, all our developers are constantly improving their skills to keep up with new trends.

Our main goal is the high quality of the software we produce. We want to be proud of the products we create and that’s why we make every effort for your app to shine.

  • Reliability

    We get the job done in time. Simple as that.

  • Flexibility

    We can scale the size of the team for your project in order to fit your development needs.

  • Individual approach

    Every client receives individual approach and we adjust to your requirements. You are the decision maker.

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Comprehensive solutions to transform your ideas into working business

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of experience

Corsac Technologies does custom software development for web and mobile.






We do:



AI software and apps help customers simplify business routines, personalize user experience and reimagine business processes

  • Capturing Body Movements

  • Body Recognition Algorithm

  • Speech recognition

  • Surface defect inspection

  • Sport tracking

  • Search engine

We do:

Web / server


We design and develop frontend and backend for web applications.

We do:



We produce any types of mobile applications for iOS and Android.

We do:

UI/UX & identity


We stay up to date with market trends to provide an effective solution for your business: branding, logo design, user interface design, marketing materials etc.

We do:

Augmented / mixed

Virtual realities

Design and development of custom AR/MR/VR solutions for Hololens and mobile devices.

We do:

Support &


We automate processes on all stages: planning, development, testing and deploy for developers; monitoring, backuping, restoring, failover for servers. We save time, you save money.

How   we   work

Dedicated developer

You can get a dedicated developer who will become an integrated part of your team and will be fully committed only to your project.

Dedicated team

If you have a project that requires a team of developers, you will get a dedicated group which will include specialists in all technologies that you need.

Full cycle product development

To get a complete product all you need to do is to express your idea, we will do everything else for you.

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